About Us


Our Story

I created this company while living in Paris. I was returning for Christmas and I needed a gift my girlfriend would always remember. Chocolate and flowers did not cut it.  I wanted to buy her a beautiful piece of jewlry, but I couldn't afford it. 

That’s when I thought of l’écharpe. I realized every time she wore l'écharpe, she would think of me. When I bought the scarf, I noticed the fabric was much higher quality than the China imported scarves american women typically buy. I decided to buy two and gift the other to my Aunt.

What makes l’écharpe such an amazing gift is that it is perfect for whomever receives it. It doesn't need to be a romantic gift. It’s perfect for sisters, mothers, or friends. Every l'écharpe is delivered in an enlarged jewelry-box making it easy to gift to anyone.